We're looking for a Digital Marketing Data Analyst


Do you have a creative mind that likes to measure and demonstrate success? Then we have just the job for you!

As part of our growing Studio team, we’re looking for someone who has a flair for developing engaging digital marketing campaigns. As part of our “intelligent communications” ethos, we’re all about creating impactful brand strategies and campaigns for our clients across a range of industries and sectors.

The ideal person for this role should understand best practice techniques and like to test original ideas. This person will work alongside our social media team to identify target audiences and will implement advertising campaigns across various digital platforms.

You will work with the Director of Digital Strategy to evaluate the success of these strategies using social media analysis tools, Google Analytics and media monitoring software. However, demonstrating the success of a digital communications plan is more than just a report – we’re looking for someone who can bring the data to life with a compelling narrative and is excited to teach everyone about data-driven results.

Key responsibilities, skills and requirements

  • Develop strong understanding of clients’ core sectors in order to provide strategic counsel on digital marketing strategies

  • Work with Studio team to develop objectives, target audiences and KPIs to demonstrate success

  • Support the Social Media Manger in creating and measuring social media strategies

  • Provide in-depth research, analysis and reports on client digital communications activity, including, but not limited to, social media analysis and website analytics

  • Anticipate problems, identify and exploit opportunities, and make decisions that have a strategic impact

  • Provide guidance as appropriate to internal team members to ensure performance goals are tied to the overall PR360 company strategy

  • Embrace and contribute to PR360 company culture, with a focus on our “intelligent communications” ethos, a curious, proactive mindset, a willingness to meaningfully challenge the status quo, and a watchful/commercial eye for opportunities.

If you think you like the sound of this role and can offer PR360 something new, send your pitch to careers@pr360.ie.